first touchdown

I was there to see it
I heard them call his name
even though the game wasn’t over
I could feel his excitement
he actually did it
he made his first touchdown
in high school football
after the game
we went out for pizza
his whole team was there
I thought for sure he would want
to sit with his team
why would he want to sit
with his mom and little brother
to my amazement he chose us
we relived the play over pizza
Just the three of us
while his team was celebrating
at the next table
he didn’t even look their way
he just wanted us
I will never forget that night
It was pretty awesome

moments to cherish

it’s friday night
no work, no school, no rules
we turn up the music
mom lets down her hair
and we dance for hours
we dance through every room in the house
from the kitchen to the dining room
to the living room and back again
even the dog is caught up in the mood
playfully racing through the house
we dance until we are exhausted
collapse in laughter
and cherish the moment

Bellagio Conservatory

the seasons treasure
welcomes with fragrant cascades
floral hues enchant

milking Betsy

his playful smile
squirting milk at the kittens
fingers chafe from the cold

Childhood memories of my uncle Hugo. He had such a playful personality and was always entertaining us, even as he milked old Betsy.

water bursts in light
frothy skirts and liquid legs
blue eyes serenades

the bronze cafe

the cafe had stellar reviews

we followed google

is this it? it’s in a GLBTQ community center?

hmmm, unexpected

should we go in?

he’s vegetarian

free parking

we felt welcome

the vegan treats were scrumptious

we paid tribute to the wall of quilts

it was nice

we’ll be back

neon museum


Neon Museum, Las Vega


Oh king of noble gas
great whiteness of the past
have you seen Elvis?


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