Minting my first NFT on Twinci

Minting my first NFT on Twinci

Before minting my first NFT I needed to decide which platform to mint on. There are quite a few out there now, and after researching my options I chose to mint on Twinci.

My rationale was, Twinci is on the Binance chain so the gas fees were lower for both minting and buying, and Twinci is fairly young with a clear vision of where they aim to be in the next year. Plus I thought, how fun it would be to get in at the beginning and watch them grow.

Twinci has a very friendly community on telegram with dedicated moderators to keep the community safe. You can shill you NFT there, get in on special events, and get good advice on how to use their platform. All in all, Twinci was a good place to start, and I am rooting for them to succeed and end up being the new Instagram of NFTs.

So now that I decided on Twinci as my platform, I needed to have at least 10 TWIN tokens in my wallet to mint an NFT. This meant I first needed to get a Crypto wallet. I decided on MetaMask as my wallet, and in order to buy Twin, I needed to be on the Binance Smart chain, so also needed a Binance wallet to purchase some BNB, and once I had BNB I needed transfer it to my MetaMask wallet and swap some BNB on Pancake Swap for Twinci tokens.

It took me about two weeks to figure this all out and I was so excited when I was finally able to purchase enough Twinci tokens to mint my first NFT, unfortunately I spent all my BNB on Twinci tokens, and didn’t have any left over to pay for the gas fees. So back to Binance to get more BNB, and I couldn’t just buy $10 of BNB, Binance required at least $20 to be able to make the purchase, and I couldn’t just transfer my BNB to MetaMask, I needed a minimum of .1 BNB to to make the exchange which was about $35 at the time, so it was quite a bit of back and forth before I finally had enough BNB in my wallet to be able to mint my first NFT.

If you are just starting out and want to give minting an NFT a try, I am clearly no expert, but here is a bit of advice that I learned from my own trial and error that may help:

  • Decide on an NFT platform
    • Research the gas fees, and understand the cost to mint or buy an NFT
    • What market does the platform attract? What countries do they cater to?
    • Do they have a good support system for artists
    • Is there a verification process for artists
    • Do they have a roadmap
    • Is there a community to reach out to and build relationships with
    • Are they being audited, and are your NFT’s and tokens secure
    • Is a token required to buy or mint the NFT and where can you get the tokens
    • Do they have a reward system for participation
  • Get a crypto wallet to use to buy, sell and store crypto and whatever you do, keep your seed phrase safe and don’t ever, ever give it out. There are a lot of dark people out there ready to take advantage of newcomers and steal your crypto. I had someone DM me on telegram pretending to be Twinci support and wanted me to enter in my seed phrase in what looked like a legitimate portal. Thank goodness I realized it was a scam and didn’t respond. I also alerted the Twinci community of my experience, and to be on the alert for the hacker. Again, be very wary of anyone trying to get your seed phrase, or you take the chance of losing all your crypto.
  • Make sure the crypto is available in your location. Binance US for example is not available in all 50 states, and using a VPN could Jeopardize your crypto.
  • If a token is required to mint your NFT, make sure you are on the right blockchain to be able to purchase the tokens
  • Before minting, check out the gas fees, they are different at different times of the day. You can save some money by choosing to mint at a time when gas fees are usually lower.
  • Work on your profile. Twinci and other platforms have a verification process for verifying artists’ authenticity. I was denied my first go round on Twinci and have yet to try again. This is a good thing and assures the buyer that your art is legit.
  • Participate in social media, support other NFT artists and be an advocate for your platform.
  • Most of all, have fun creating and sharing your art

Here are some of resources that I used to get started:

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