My Process

I am a digital artist and have been working with digital art for over thirty years. I started working in the first versions of the CorelDraw Suite and moved on to Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. My husband and I ran a t-shirt printing and promotional product company so most of my art was in vector format as the designs needed to be precise and printed on films for four color processing.

I have now settled on working with Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo for ease of use. I can work on my I pad while sitting quietly listening to music and just get lost in an almost meditative state. I let the music lead me, creating my own filters by layering and mirroring colors and textures from various photos and brushes. I will take a small piece of a photograph and turn this photo, for example, taken at the Shangri La Museum of Islamic Art in Hawaii…

Into the design below:

I can then leave the new design as is, or use it in another project, the possibilities are endless.